INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2019 - 08.07.2019 / 12.07.2019

INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2019 – 08.07.2019 / 12.07.2019

University Fernando Pessoa (UFP) was recognized as a public interest organization by the Portuguese State in July 1996 and it is the result of a pioneering higher education project initiated in the 1980’s. The degree in Architecture and Urbanism was included in this educational project in 1998 and, since then, it has gradually underlined its presence in the history of this institution. The UFP school of Architecture and Urbanism Master Degree Program reflect UFP’s commitment to effective, efficient, caring and innovative approaches to teaching. Based in city of Oporto and with an academically and professional qualified teaching staff, this course meets the best conditions to host this international summer school.

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